The enduring saga of Land Reform and Expropriation
June 21, 2018
August 3, 2018
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A cuppa with Owen

  1. What gets you up in the morning?

The promise of a new day…

  1. If you were a movie, what movie genre would you be?

A Thriller…

  1. Which fruit best describes you?

A Golden Delicious Apple…

  1. Why Law?

I am son of the 80’s – shaped my conscience and the way I looked at the world…

Street law inspired me; not to mention all the awareness programs and the struggle for dignity and respect… Thought the law was the avenue along which justice would find its way…

  1. What about law now excites you?

The opportunity to close the deal and being a trusted adviser.

Far from the altruistic 80’s I am now a businessman in law rather than a lawyer in business…

  1. What are your professional highlights?

Building and retaining successful practices (both in-house and otherwise) – be it in the Oil & Gas sector, Banking or State-Owned Corporations.

Successful acquisitions, negotiations and dispute resolutions in North America, Western Europe and Pan-Africa.

Great opportunities to live and work across the globe – and the blessings which come from working in multi-cultural jurisdictions.

I follow the molecule; Oil & Gas is really my passion – I guess my blood is black.

  1. What do you think of Adriaans attorneys?

Adriaans Attorneys is a firm earmarked for significant growth in the corporate/commercial sector within legal services.  Our vision to become the Black Business Law Firm of Choice, is well on the way.  The firm has the ability now to provide bespoke, expert legal corporate/commercial services at a fraction of the cost of the larger firms.  We will continue to attract talented professionals to further enhance our professional services, seeking a Pan-African footprint; and indeed, transform what has always been the preserve of white-dominated, larger firms.

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