May 24, 2017
May 24, 2017
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We are delighted to introduce our team of Candidate Attorneys to you.


Matthew Cannon (Top left): Matthew began his affiliation with Adriaans Attorneys as early as 2012, when he attended the vacation programme held annually by the firm. Matthew completed his LLB degree at the University of the Western Cape and joins Adriaans Attorneys as a first year Candidate Attorney. He is a well-rounded individual boasting talents from the academic sphere to the sporting arena. Matthew was an exemplary student with an outstanding academic record which reflects his dedication and hard work. With his strong work ethic, good interpersonal and communication skills, Matthew will undoubtedly be an asset to the firm.
Nicholas Meyer (Top right): Nicholas joins us from the University of Cape Town where he has obtained his LLB degree and his LLM specialising in Corporate and Commercial Law. Nicholas is currently serving his second year of articles with the firm and during his time with the firm, Nicholas has been described by our directors as an intelligent and dedicated candidate attorney, who has achieved success in a number of matters, and shows great leadership ability. He displays maturity and commitment in every task he undertakes. We are happy to have Nicholas’s talent in our office.
Dominique Dirks (Bottom left): Dominique joins us from the University of the Western Cape where she has obtained her LLB degree. She is currently serving her second year of articles of clerkship with the firm. She has been described by our directors as principled and honest, with strong communication skills. She thrives in our fast-paced, challenging environment and displays passion and drive in all her matters. She is passionate about the law and her strong work ethic, good interpersonal and organisational skills add value to our firm’s goal to achieve unquestionable efficiency and service excellence. Dominique’s key strength is her learning agility and is able to adjust to the changes and the demands of a busy litigation practice. We are confident that Dominique will be an asset to the legal fraternity.
Lauren Barnard (Bottom right): One of our new Candidate Attorneys is Lauren Barnard, LLB Graduate, from the University of the Western Cape. Lauren undoubtedly, has a passion for the law. Her vast academic experience across numerous areas of law over the past few years, coupled with her eagerness to keep on top of new developments in the law, stands her in good stead to be a great attorney. She is tenacious, charismatic and motivated – characteristics seamlessly suited to the legal profession. We are enthusiastic about Lauren’s future at Adriaans Attorneys.


At Adriaans Attorneys our Candidate Attorneys are exposed to the various practice areas of the firm in order to acquire experience in the practical application of the law. Our Candidate Attorneys do not just simply make up the numbers, they perform real work and gain real experience and exposure to our clients and the law.


At Adriaans Attorneys we believe in partnering with our Candidate Attorneys
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