May 24, 2017
May 24, 2017
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Our firm understands that individuals seek sound legal advice from a lawyer that will be honest and fair. We pride ourselves in providing a supportive and helpful environment to clients and their businesses.” – Ashley Adriaans

As part of the firms guiding ethos our attorneys make every effort to strengthen the “Rule of law” and together with the other participants in the legal system (i.e. advocates, opposing attorneys, judges and magistrates etc) act within ethical parameters.

In doing so we pride ourselves in our – ;

Client Confidentiality

Ensuring confidentiality of client information and or communication is a key priority to the firm. Client confidentiality involves good moral judgement, character, honesty and leadership values that show integrity. Because our attorneys show integrity in all client matters they are able to understand right from wrong and practice it in all they do. The manner in which client’s matters are dealt with from acceptance to conclusion is evident through our attorneys’ trustworthy actions and sets the foundation for a successful business relationship.

Working Pro Bono

  • At Adriaans Attorneys we understand that attaining sound legal advice can often be problematic for individuals from previously disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. To combat this every lawyer at the firm is called upon to provide legal services to the communities in which our business operates. Our junior lawyers and candidate attorneys gain invaluable experience on a wide range of pro – bono and human rights matters.

Attorney Client Commitment

  • Providing the best possible client service. We know that providing the best legal service is a selling point for most, if not all law firms, but we believe that we are different. Helping our clients achieve their goals is our number one priority and we work very hard to demonstrate this in our delivery of legal services.

“Fit and proper” Attorneys

  • The requirement of being a “fit and proper” person for the legal profession is an important requirement for admission as an attorney. With this regard, we strive to provide impeccable legal services to our clients where the conduct of our attorneys are always guided by the Attorneys Act No 53 of 1979 that lays down the rules of attorney conduct.

Preserving, protecting and defending the rights and property of our clients are of paramount importance to our firm and its attorneys and we do so with integrity.

This article is a general information sheet and should not be used or relied on as legal or other professional advice. No liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions nor for any loss or damage arising from reliance upon any information herein. Always contact your legal adviser for specific and detailed advice. Errors and omissions excepted (E&OE)

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